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 Post subject: Wings Alliance information thread
PostPosted: March 24th, 2015, 14:55 

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What is the Wings Alliance?

The Wings Alliance is my attempt at creating an alliance to support the smaller guilds. Wings Alliance itself is not a guild - it does not seek to supplant the smaller guilds with a guild identity, but rather support the identity of the smaller guilds. If you're a leader of a small guild, then entering the Wings Alliance is a way for you to keep your guild culture & identity, but have all the major advantages a big guild has. If you and a couple of friends want to play together for most part, and don't feel like you have the dedication currently to join up a guild, you can create your own little guild and join the Wings Alliance for whenever you need some feedback on decks or competitive practice.

This is what you specifically get:

  • Access to the Wings Alliance skype chat
  • Access to the Wings Alliance subreddit
  • Access to the Wings Alliance masterlist of decks
  • Eligibility for the Wings Cup.

What about the Strategic Angels?

The Strategic Angels will be the first guild to join the Wings Alliance, not because it's a small guild but because it will form the initial foundation of that larger community I was talking about. That way, whatever small guild that ends up joining the Wings Alliance won't be starting from scratch - but be welcomed into the Wings Alliance by an already strong community of 30+ scrolldiers. That's really all in terms of the involvement of the Strategic Angels, it will not be some supreme overlord that the other guilds will have to bow down to - they're just one member guild.

How the Wings Alliance is governed

Rather, the Wings Alliance will be democratically ruled by the **Leaders** of the Wings Alliance. Each guild admitted into the Wings Alliance will decide upon one **Leader** (probably just going to be the guild leader for that guild) to help co-rule the Wings Alliance. For any guild to be admitted into the Wings Alliance, a majority of the **Leaders** will have to agree to its admission into the alliance. A guild is free to leave the Wings Alliance at any time, no restrictions, and if they decide to do so they'll have all of their members lose their Wings Alliance membership perks.

Current members

  • Strategic Angels
  • The Turtle Guild

Current leaders
  • Squiddy (Founder)
  • Yann (Guild Leader for the Strategic Angels)
  • Cradstache (Guild Leader for the The Turtle Guild)
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